What is Goyo?

Goyo is the vim plugin which allows writers to focus on their writing while they are writing. The plugin deactivates not required fancy windows which are not useful at the time of using vim for writing. It provides certain customizations too.

What is missing in Goyo?

The main problem with Goyo plugin is that it carries very weak vim specific helpfile. A vimmer is habituated to find help at vim specific helpfile first. After few attempts, I have decided to write a good helpfile for the Goyo plugin. I am happy to maintain the documentation I have started with the ongoing development of the plugin until the author of Goyo is providing any concise helpfile for it. The goyo-doc is not carrying any source of Goyo plugin, but only contains documentation for the plugin. I am inviting you to propose improvements if you find any.

Why I decided to write a separate plugin for documentation?

“Documentation is essential. There needs to be something for people to read, even if it’s rudimentary and incomplete.”

K.Fogel, Producing Open source software

I believe the documentation is the most important part of any software. While I was using Goyo plugin, I found it is missing the vim specific helpfile. I discussed this issue with the author and offered the help for improving on this. You can read further about early discussions here. I didn’t get any positive response from the author so I decided to write and launch vim specific helpfile for this plugin. With this plugin, I am expecting to provide the solution to those users who are more familiar with vim specific helpfile than a Github wiki or README file of any project. Below are the links for downloading and using the plugin.

Proofreader: Farhaan Bukhsh