Indian Linux User Group Chennai

Lately I was travelling to Chennai for some personal work. I was very clear on meeting Mr. Shakthi Kannan. While travelling to Chennai I dropped a mail inquiring about his availability. He replied with an invitation to attend the Meetup of Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai scheduled at IIT Madras. I happily accepted the invitation and decided to attend the Meetup.

The Meetup was happening in the AeroSpace Engineering department, IIT Madras. The campus is so huge that it took 15 minute bus journey to get to the department. Because I was late, I missed the initial talk on Emacs Org mode by Shakthi. I was lucky enough to attend lightning talk section. When I entered one young boy was demonstrating BeFF. I was not aware about this tool before his talk. After his words I realized BeFF is a penetration testing tool and now I am confident for switching to its documentation and start going through it. His talk ended with little discussion on doubts. Nearly one hour was still remaining Shakthi came forward and invited interested people to present a lightning talk. That sure rang a bell! I was not sure about attending Meetup and presenting something instantly was looking tough. Mohan moved forward and demonstrated How memory mapping works in GNU/Linux system. During his talk I quickly skimmed on a list of topics I was aware about and I decided to speak on JSON Web Token. I introduced myself and demonstrated ways to generate a secure token. Discussed about architecture a bit and gave few guidelines, points to remember. I ended my talk with comparing Oauth 2.0 with JWT. Few interested people asked questions and I was lucky enough to solve their confusions.

I realized it is good to have small and interested audience than having large and distracted audience. This group has nice experienced people in the GNU/Linux domain. If Chennai is your town, I will promote you to join this group and get involved.

Proofreaders: Shakthi Kannan, Harsh Vardhan