Beautiful 2017 has already started. While everybody is busy with preparing resolutions for their new year I decided to look back and share my journey here.

After attending PyCon India 2015 India 2015 I took an oath to spread the word of Python. It was looking simple at first glance with a guess of getting less invitations. But the estimate went wrong. Below is the summary of yearly progress highlight with word of experience.

Python workshop

During my last year I conducted 13 workshops at various colleges of state Gujarat and Rajasthan. 10 workshops were conducted targeting college students and 3 were presented for professionals. Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad received 4 number of workshops individually. Did single workshop at Bhuj, Ajmer, Vadodara and New delhi. One over Google Hangouts on Air.

Facilities I received while conducting workshops

The colleges which were settled far from my town provided travelling allowance for me. I accepted because I felt there is nothing wrong in taking such help. Some colleges arranged an afternoon meal for me. I happily accepted that because finding another option during short breaks at unknown place is quite time consuming. There were few colleges which gave cash covers as a good will. I have decided to not accept such cash because sometimes it comes from the pocket of students and I don’t feel good to take money from the pocket of any student. Still some colleges claimed that the money belongs to their grants and not raised from students. I took that money at that time and donated each to Krishna Vrudhashram located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Python Express

Such contributions would have not possible without Python Express. Python Express is a platform to collaborate colleges, students with Python tutors across India. It is supervised and funded by the Python Software Society of India.

Python Express Ahmedabad

At present, we have a Python Express Ahmedabad group whose motive is to teach Python to nearby colleges. We are linked up with Telegram Messenger. During this PyCon, I got a large bunch of Python Express stickers from Vijay sir. The stickers will be a lot to motivate pupils. We also received Python Express volunteer T-shirts. If you are living nearby Ahmedabad and want to contribute to this movement, please get in touch over email.

Python Express Ahmedabad

“Teaching is the best way to learn.”

I am inspired from curious questions raised by scholars. They forced me to plunge deep into the subject. It was little difficult to afford such a huge hours with having a full time job, but after observing my personal improvements I consider this as a good investment.

In summary, I took 1 workshop every month during the year 2016 which is nearly 90% more than what I did in the year 2015.

You can download Slides here and Python Kit here.


PG GTU Gandhinagar

At PG GTU Gandhinagar

- - -


At K.S.K.V. Kachchh University

- - -

Polytechnic Gandhinagar

At Gujarat Polytechnic College, Gandhinagar

- - -

Parul University

At Parul University, Waghodia, Vadodara

- - -

Nirma University

At Nirma Technology University, Ahmedabad

- - -

Startup Gujarat

At Startup Gujarat, Gandhinagar

- - -

Ahmedabad Meetup

At Ahmedabad Web and Mobile developers meetup

- - -


At Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology GandhinagarStartup Gujarat, Gandhinagar

- - -

Engineering college Ajmer

At Government Women Engineering College Ajmer

- - -

Ahmedabad University

At Ahmedabad University

- - -

Pycon India

At PyCon India, New Delhi

- - -

Macker Party

At Mozilla Maker Party Ahmedabad

Do you want to invite me for your college?

First step is to brief your college administration with Python Express to get the permission. Once they agree register your college at Python Express and create the workshop request that’s it!

I will advice to schedule workshop on weekends. Saturday is usually the best day for me. Facilities like Projector, Microphone and speakers if number of attendees are more than 60. College Computer Labs, the auditorium is the best place for such events.

Waiting for nice invitations :)

Proofreader: Farhaan Bukhsh